Tuncurry – Forster Jockey Club

The Tuncurry Forster Jockey Club has been a long time in the making with the first committee being formed in the 1980’s with the intension of building a race course in Tuncurry.

Countless volunteer’s man hours have gone into the building the race course, when in 2009 the Tuncurry track was granted a licence to race, since then further infrastructure has been built now raising the Tuncurry track to TAB standards with ongoing construction the Tuncurry track is fast becoming a very popular race day venue.

Upcoming Race date 29 October 2017.

These race dates are very well patronised with the Christmas party on the 12th December, the very popular Seafood Race Day 14th January, men of League on the 18th February and the XXXX Gold Cup on the 11th March. Booking for any of these race dates in the Pavilion or Gazebos please contact Marg 0429 967 823.