Gilgandra Jockey Club

Gilgandra Jockey Club is situated 450kms from Sydney on the Western Plains.

Gilgandra is a noted “speed track” on a loam base covered with a generous matting of Kikuyu turf.

The Gilgandra track is 1663m in circumference, 20m in width, with a straight length of 200m, hence the reputation for being a speed track.

Races at Gilgandra are run over 800, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1600, 1850 and 2400m

The track has a slight dip between 1000m and 800m, and a light rise in the straight.

As the straight is only 200m in length, winners usually are positioned close to the leaders coming and into the straight.

Inside barriers are of upmost importance at all starts, with the exception of the 1300m start, where inside barriers represent a slight advantage.

Gilgandra is renowned as being one of the best wet weather tracks west of the Blue Mountains.

With its geographical position Gilgandra is able to accommodate the best of gallopers from the North-West, Central West, South and Western areas.

Gilgandra Cup is run on the first Sunday of January.